My Skill Set

I pride myself on being a flexible Front-End Developer, with a knowledge of other technical software like Lightroom and Premiere Pro with a creative mindset to work on them. I’ve been learning a lot and enjoy finding simple and elegant solutions.

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Working from Home

Front-End Development

Web Development

I’ve had a strong passion for Front-End Development. I am currently working on technologies like Javascript, CSS and React to name a few and love to work on it. I have also previously worked on Angular 2, with Spring Boot as backend and MySQL as a database.

Neat Computer Desk


Photo Editing

I love to take photos and edit them to give it extra boost to make it look much more interesting. I love to use different editing software but prefer to use Lightroom more as it has an edge over others.

Quiet Desk

Premiere Pro

Video Editing

I love to edit videos and put B-Rolls onto the videos. It gives videos another perspective to look at them. I also love to add sound effects in videos as it gives them a little bit of an edge.

Two Computer Screens

After Effects

Animations & Effects

I love to create animations and apply video effects in my videos that I edit to make it look more appealing to myself and others with this software.


My Projects

Using my experience as a Full Stack Developer, I like to make Front End projects that inturn help me able to learn more about it and keep me in the game.

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January - April 2020

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