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A Mixed bag of Everything

I graduated from the Computer Science stream, so people expect me to be an expert in computers but I am much more than that. I have always been passionate about learning new things whether it's cooking or an art or a language. There is so much to learn in this day and age that your life will come to a halt but the things to learn in the world will never finish.

This is what I love about learning, it gives you a purpose, experience and knowledge about the world that we live in. I am by profession a Full Stack developer but that doesn't limit me to pursue other things that I'm Passionate about. You can call me a geek who loves to read novels, comics, watch anime and movies and loves to talk about science all day long especially about space and existence of life.

I am continuously learning new things and growing every day and love working on things that fascinate me. I am also an adventurous person who would like to travel the world & learn about the cultures of the different parts of the world.


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